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News & Announcements

  • 21 Jun

    9th Annual Banking For The Community

    BankGloucester has contributed over $500,000 to numerous community organizations over the years and our “Banking For The Community” program is just one of the ways we support the community. This year voting took place during the month of May.

    Click on the title above to read about the winners!.

  • 14 May

    Paintings by Jim Gibbons on display

    A collection of Jim’s paintings are on display at the bank (160 Main St., Gloucester) from May 14th through July 8th.

    One hundred percent self-taught from the basic art of observing to the complexities of brush quality and technique, Jim is truly an accomplished artist. After so many years perfecting his artistic ability, he still finds it magical to take a blank surface and push paint around to create an illusion of three dimensional likeness. As Jim has said, he has exercised tremendous patience and passion throughout his creative journey and this only grows stronger with the passing of time.

    Please click above "Paintings by Jim Gibbons on display" to see his work and read more about him.

  • 15 Jan

    Spirit of Giving 2015

    Over the Holiday Season we launched our Spirit of Giving Program, where individuals from the community could recognize someone for going above and beyond - helping someone in need, being a good neighbor or overcoming a challenge. We received a great response and were able to recognize 16 deserving individuals from our community. All of these people have given so much of themselves to the community and to others, given any challenges they have faced or have gone through. These individuals never ask for anything in return and this is why we chose to recognize them this past holiday season.

    Among the recipients were: Karen Ristuben, Fred Cowan, Robyn McNair, Mary Gentile, Rick Doucette, Patti Amaral, Olivia Smith, Maria Oliver, Susan Pope, Gloria Parsons, Joe Lafata, Linda Iachawics & Tomi Sousa - and others.

    Thank you to all who participated; we truly enjoyed hearing your stories.

  • 21 Jul

    Tips for Traveling with your ATM/Debit card

    Notify the Bank if you are leaving New England and plan to use your debit card. We're never far away... with Online Banking and our Mobile Banking app you can do your banking wherever you are, whenever it's convenient. Click above for details and additional travel tips.

  • 17 Apr

    The Heartbleed Bug - Protect Yourself

    Your transactions on our website are safe and secure. Click the link above to read about The Heartbleed Bug, and learn how to protect yourself from this, the latest internet threat.

  • 06 Mar

    New Phishing Campaign called "Vishing".

    We just been informed of a new phishing campaign taking place in New England. Please click here to read about it and to learn how to protect yourself.

  • 11 Jan

    Beware of Check Scams

    There is never a legitimate reason for someone to give you a check or Money order and ask you to wire money back to them. Check scams are not new and scammers continue to find new ways to fool people into giving away thousands of their own dollars every year. Click to read more.