SCAM Alert

If you receive a phone call and someone asks to login to your computer remotely for ANY REASON, DON’T DO IT. Hang up.

Criminals have a technique of telling you there is something wrong with your computer that they can fix. They then get into your online banking. Once in online banking, another technique is to transfer money from one of your accounts to another and tell you that Amazon (or whomever) has overpaid a refund to you. Sometimes they can even impersonate someone you know who needs money in a hurry.

They then tell you to pay them by buying “big box” store gift cards for $1000 or more (Target, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, etc.). Gift cards are for GIFTS. If ANYONE tells you to PAY them with gift cards, they are trying to scam you. They are NOT your friend in need. HANG UP. 

Why gift cards? They are virtual cash. Basically untraceable. They can be used to purchase cryptocurrency, to buy merchandise that can then be sold online for a discount, or the cards themselves can be re-sold for a discount. 

It is important to note that they are gifted grifters. They are VERY persuasive. They are not “fraudsters” or “hackers”—they are professional criminals. If you suddenly realize you are being scammed, first hang up. Then do as follows:

  1. Call BankGloucester and we will put a temporary hold on your online banking until you can have your device serviced by a professional computer person for malware, key loggers, and such. 
  2. Report your experience to the police. It matters that cybercrime organizations can get an accurate as possible idea how widespread and frequent these events are.
  3. If you have bought gift cards, report to the company that issued it ASAP that the card was used in a scam. They may be able to stop it. If you used a credit card report it to them as well. 
  4. Learn about scams and what to do here.…

Social Security will never call you. Microsoft will never call you. The IRS will never call you.