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BGPoints powered by uChoose Rewards – a rewards program that’s based on your choices–where you like to shop and what you get with all the points you earn.

How Do I Earn Points?

Earn points whenever you use your BankGloucester Debit Card (excludes ATM and cashback transactions). Earn even more points if you shop at one of the participating retailers listed on the uChoose Rewards website. Already a customer with a BankGloucester debit card you regularly use? Even if you haven’t signed up for BG Points yet, you have still been earning points!

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up for the rewards program is easy and there is no charge. Register with your BankGloucester Debit Card. Link your debit card now.

How Many Points Do I Earn? 

There is no charge to participate in BG Points powered by uChoose Rewards for all BankGloucester debit card holders. Points are forfeited if the account linked to the debit card is closed. Full terms and conditions are displayed when you register your card at

Please Note: Your points can all be pooled into one account now so you can have all of your cards listed under one login!


For All Elite & Signature Checking Account Holders

Get access to BGPerks through our Elite and Signature Checking accounts. Featuring valuable benefits, such as buyers Protection, Cell Phone Protection, and ID Theft Aid. Did we mention there’s also discounts to local and national retailers, and so much more?

Here’s what our customers have to say about it!

“We noticed a flat tire while at home, so we decided to use our Roadside Assistance benefit. We called BaZing and Tally’s came and fixed it and it only cost us $20 of the $100 charge. — M.R.

“I saved $200 on the purchase of a Mini Mac and software from Apple with my BGPerks! So happy I checked BGPerks before my purchase!”–P.N.

I actually got a $30 deal a Sunbanque!! Before going on vacation, I wanted to get a base before burning in the sun, so I went to Sunbanque and used their perk “buy one get one free.”—C.R.

“My boyfriend and I each got an entree’ from Lobsta Land we received a free appetizer with our dinner, saving us $6.00. We love BG Perks!”— R.P.

“I frequent Jim’s Bagel and Bake Shoppe and was thrilled to find their coupon on my BG Perks App. I ordered a large coffee and received a bagel for free! Every little bit of savings helps.”— J.E.

“I was heading towards Minglewood Harborside when my phone buzzed. It was a notification from my BG Perks app letting me know that the restaurant had a deal. My husband and I decided to stop in for lunch and we received 10% off of our bill.”— K.R.

“The best experience I have had using BankGloucester’s perks app was saving $200 on an Apple Mac Book! Definitely worth checking it out and easy to use!” — A.T.

“I got an oil and filter change at Meineke in Gloucester for $19.95, saving me around $15 using a deal I found on the BGPerks app!” —R.P.

“I was in need of some dog food and other items for my pet, so I decided to check for deals on the BGPerks app and ended up using a deal from and saved $15 off my total purchase!”—R.P.

“I bought a new top from Shop-Loro and saved $5 on my purchase with BGPerks!” —K.W.

What’s your story? We want to hear it!

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